ONGIG named OurOffice as a Top 7 Tools for DEI Analytics

In the article titled: 7 Top Tools for DEI Analytics

The source of the article is ONGIG.

How do you measure DEI analytics? Numbers don’t lie…and 67% of HR leaders agree that diversity is essential.

These tools help you:

  • create content to increase the % of diverse candidates you hire
  • understand the DEI climate in your company
  • track DEI analytics improvements over time

Why DEI Analytics?

Here’s why diversity and inclusion analytics are essential. DEI analytics give you a picture of how diverse your business is. There are many uses for DEI data, but here are 5 important ones:

  • Understanding the people who work for you at a deeper level.
  • Creating new diversity goals or policies to drive change.
  • Identifying bias that might hinder diverse hiring, development, or promotions.
  • Creating a business case for new diversity tools and initiatives.
  • Using DEI analytics to create transparency in diversity reports.

CIRCA Powered by OurOffice

Circa is SaaS-based diversity recruiting analytics tool. Circa is often used by companies who work with Federal contracts to ensure their regulations comply with the law. On October 7, 2021, Circa added a new service — DEI Strategy, Analytics, and Engagement.

Their diversity and inclusion analytics solution offers a 3-step process:

  • a current assessment of your company’s DEI situation
  • DEI planning
  • implementing your company’s goals

Along with DEI analytics, Circa has a job board giving you access to talented and diverse individuals ready to fill your job openings. And, Circa will promote your jobs using their 600+ network of DEI employment sites. Request a personalized demo to learn more about pricing and packages.